Be a Cam Model / Shoot for us

Upscale boutique camsite now accepting a limited number of
  1. - Classy and gorgeous cam models
  2. - Models for photoshoots
  3. - Spokesmodeling for angelsnbabes at autoshows and modeling conventions around the country

Why AnB:

  • - Highest Payout in the industry
  • - Most bonuses paid
  • - Upscale Well educated customers who don't waste your time


  • - Work from home
  • - Set your own prices
  • - Set your own limitations
  • - Set your own working hours
  • - No personal website - no problem
  • - No experience needed
  • - Block states or cities for privacy
  • - Keep 60%-80% (depending on referrals and hours)
  • - Cam with educated high spending customers


  • - Personal interaction with fans (while getting paid)
  • - Promote yourself and/or your website
  • - Get paid for every webcam chat vs doing free webcam chats on your website
  • - Make money the second you start a show with a fan
  • - The more popular you are, the more you make!
  • - Our top models charge an average of $8-10 a minute!

GOGO dancers:

  • - Like dancing? Why not dance at home safely and make alot more?
  • - No need to wait till the weekends to get work!
  • - Avoid running into people by blocking your city / state if you're worried

Exotic Dancers:

  • - No more Lap Dances with strangers.
  • - Clients are world wide, not just local
  • - No more tipping out to staff and management
  • - Work from the safety of you own home.
  • - Be your own boss

We are currently looking for professional models (or pretty enough to be one) for our webcam site. All you need is a webcam and a high speed internet connection, along with...

  • - Fun and friendly personality
  • - Likes socializing with fans
  • - Devotion and commitment
  • - Must be at least 18 and look between 18-25

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AngelsnBabes Applicant FAQ

1. How much can I make?

That is totally up to you, the more popular you are, the more time you're available/online, and the better you do in shows, the more you make!

2. What does a top model make?

Our top models charge $8-$10 per minute, and devote alot of time and do really well in shows, they can easily pull in six figures per year. Our top model brings in at least $1000 a night.

3. How much can I charge then?

You can charge whatever amount you like, and it is quick and easy to change your rates.

4. Rates you see on model's profiles are per minute

Yes that is right, per minute. And customers do not need to be in the room for the full minute to make money, the second they start a show with you, you'll be making money.

5. What percentage do I get to keep?

While other sites let you keep only 40-50%. At AngelsnBabes, depending on exclusivity, online hours and referrals, you can earn 60%-80%. Thats one of the highest in the cam industry!

6. Do I have to do nude? What are the limits?

No, we think that a Maxium implied nude models can be just as sexy. We are a classy site and have classy models. However, if you are the more daring type, we do allow our models to do a little bit more in VIP.

7. How often do I have to be online?

Your schedule is completely up to you. We know that models are always busy with photoshoots, traveling and personal lives. But of course, the more you are online, the more money you will make.

8. How do I get paid?

Bi-weekly Checks

9. Does AngelsnBabes control my chatroom?

No, you will have total control of your room. You have the option to kick or ban someone, you can change your rates, update your pictures, set your own schedule and more.

10. Can I use my stage name or fake name?

Certainly! You can even block locations based on zip code, state, and more so that you can avoid running into people from your own city / state / location.

11. Why should I choose AngelsnBabes?

We established AngelsnBabes so models could earn extra income in these tough times. We realize that while there are many cam sites similar to us, none of these sites cater to professional models (occasionally we do accept girls who are not models). We emphisize on quality vs quantity. And we think that models deserve to be paid per minute for interacting with fans instead of doing free chats on a regular bases.

12. What do I need in order to start?

A computer (duh!), high speed internet, and a webcam.

13. How soon can I start?

You can start the very same day we have received your paperwork and ID. The sooner we have everything, the sooner you can start making money! APPLY NOW!

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