How it Works

General FAQ

Q: How can I register on the site?

Push the Registration link in the main menu.

Q: What does the registration here give me?

If you are registered, you may do the following:

Q: I just registered. How can I access my profile/account?

Use the login form

Q: I just registered but completely forgot my password. How can I restore it?

Use the "restore password" form. You should remember the email you wrote in the field during the registration and you will get the information right on your address.

Q: I want to go to the private chat but the system say I have no money on my account. How can I add money?

You may do it on the Add Funds page.

Q: I have got a problem which I can not solve even after reading FAQ. Whom shall I write to get the answers?

Use contact page to talk to the site administration.

GRP/VIP Shows Help/FAQ

1. How does the site work?
Step one: Click on the "Join for free button", an email will be sent to your registered account, after validating your email, you can start chatting with any of our models online for free.

Step two: If you'd like to see a model perform, (while logged on) click on the add funds link to purchase credits.

Step three: Once your account is loaded with enough credits, you can choose to view a model by clicking on either GRP (GROUP) or VIP button.
2. What is a GRP Chat?
A GRP chat is a chat with the model and as many viewers that pay to see her on cam, they will most likely do and show less in a GRP chat as well, hence the lower rate. If a model is in a GRP show, you can join in the fun at anytime.
3. What is a VIP Chat?
A VIP chat is a chat with the model and you only, you 2 are completely alone and no one can interrupt you two, and who knows what the model might do. If a model is in a VIP show, you'll have to wait patiently for her to come out of the show.
4. I don't see the model in the chat room?
The model is either offline, or your flash player is out of date.
Click here to download the latest flash software.
5. What's a credit?
Credits are purchased by adding funds into your account. It is used to purchase minutes to get shows with our models and to tip them. One credit equals to a dollar.
6. I don't see the models on? How will I know when they will be on?
Although the site is running 24/7, our models have lives of their own, so they won't be online 24/7. It is totally up to the model to decide when to go on. The best way to know when they get on is by adding them to your favorites, which would automatically notify you by sending an email to you when they sign on.
7. What does the tip button do?
Tips are found once you are in a chat, it is a drop down box of different things offered by the model once you are ina GRP show or VIP show. Different models offer different tips and do different things for tip. Our models make most of their money on tips, so support your favorite model by tipping them!
8. Can the models see me if I turn my webcam on?
Yes, you can use our 2-way cam feature when you are in a show with a model. Simply click on the webcam icon in the chat room during a session to enable this feature.